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Israel suspend a Jerusalemite teacher from teaching

"Ramzi Abbasi states:"Israel decision is retaliatory

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 The Israeli authorities passed a resolution to suspend the Jerusalemite activist Ramzi Abbasi from his job as a teacher in Jerusalem schools, over a case related to Al-Aqsa Mosque two and a half years ago.

Abbasi states that he received today a decision to suspend him from teaching for “detriment to the general public and the educational process and that he is a threat for the security of the state,” according to the occupation’s allegations.

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He also had got a paper of his trial on the eighth of next March duo to the previous case that was closed. At the time he was injured after the Israeli forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque on Eid Al-Adha in August 2019

“Ramzi Abbasi states:”Israel decision is retaliatory

“This decision is retaliatory, If the court really wanted to try me on this issue, why didn’t It try me at the time,”, “the Israeli occupation is chasing and fighting any influential voice in Jerusalem”, Ramzi Abbasi said

He added “the occupation resolutions do not want our voice to come out in any way. Any influential voice will be pursued, whether by arrest, restrictions on living, or subjection to surveillance

“The educational system is being monitored after Israel had killed the teacher, Fadi Abu Shkhedem”

I will not stop working, God sustains me, I gained my freedom which is better than thousands of Jobs. This is an opportunity for me to go out and be the voice of the people in Jerusalem.”

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