‘Nasser Abu Hamid’ fighting death, Israel rejected demands to release him

The Palestinian prisoner ‘Nasser Abu Hamid‘ is fighting death in the Israeli hospitals where he had undergone a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his lungs

In spite of the unbearable pain he suffered after the surgery, the Israeli authorities had returned him to his cell

Abu Hamid was transferred on 4th November to the Israeli Hospital “Barzilai” after a serious deterioration in his health condition following the chemotherapy he underwent. Nasser is now under artificial respiration and suffers from a serious infection in the lungs, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Club

Raed Abu Hamid, the prisoner’s brother says’ the latest news we received is that Nasser is still in a coma, his temperature has risen to more than 40 degrees, and there’s a germ in his chest from the effects of the tumor removal surgery he underwent

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The 49- year-old Palestinian prisoner, Nasser Abu Hamid, from Al-Amari camp in Ramallah, has been detained since 2002, and sentenced to 7 ‘life imprisonment, in addition to 50 years in prison

‘Nasser Abu Hamid’ family, series of sacrifices’

Nasser’s family constantly endure the Israeli oppressor policies. His brothers are ‘Abdel Moneim Abu Hamid’ who was killed several years ago by the Israeli forces, ‘Nasr’, who was sentenced to 5 life imprisonment, ‘Sherif’, was sentenced to 4, Muhammad, was sentenced 2 life imprisonment and 30 years of prison, and Islam was sentenced to 1 life imprisonment and eight years

The Wa’ed Association of Detainees and Released Persons states that the Israeli occupation has rejected all means of mediations to release the prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid, who is ill with cancer and staying under artificial respiration