‘Abu Najma family’ house, the adjacent house to Al-Aqsa mosque is the most paid house, the family rejected an offer for an open cheque

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Five steps on foot are the distance between the house of Mariam Abu Najma‘ and Al-Aqsa Mosque

 The house of the Abu Najma family is consisting of two rooms in a 20-meter area. It is located on the western side of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it shares a large window with the western wall of the Haram. Through the window, the family can watch directly Al- Aqsa courtyarsd courtyarsd and the golden Dome of the Rock y

Offers to buy ‘Abo Njama family’ house” the adjacent house to Al-Aqsa mosque” for an open check

Abu Najma confirms that the Israeli occupation offered her family an open check for buying the house due to its location near the Temple Mount.

Maryam Abu Nejma says: “We are subjected to a serious intimidation campaign by the Israeli occupation to seize our house and force us to sell It, but we categorically refuse

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 Despite all the harassment and the small size of the house, we are sticking to our historic house that my father inherited for us. We are proud to live and die next to Al-Aqsa mosque

‘ Abu Najma ‘family undergoes constant attacks and annoyances

Abu Najma family which consists of Maryam Abu Najma, her brother, his wife, and his five children is constantly undergoing Israeli attacks and annoyances.

The Israeli forces prevent them to build a second floor in their small and old house or even reform its dilapidated walls. furthermore, they forbid them from repairing the water lines that leak into the house due to the cracks in the walls

Furthermore, the Israeli soldiers permanently restrain them to go in and to their house at the time of blocking the entrance of Al-Aqsa gates and inspect their purchases and necessities.