‘Abu Fella’, Arab Youtuber Launches a 10 million dollar donation campaign to help 100,000 refuges families

Dubai – Palplus
Abu Fella‘, an Arab Kuwaiti YouTuber, launches donation campaign for raising 10 million dollars to help 100,000 refugee families

Hassan Suleiman, known as Abu Fella, is a,23, Kuwaiti Youtuber who born in 1998

‘Abu Fulla’ created his own channel on YouTube on June 28, 2016, and gradually became popular. Recently, the number of his channel subscribers reached 20 million

Unlike other YouTubers, he utilized his channel in charity works to help poor, needy families and for that, he widely drove the attention to his channel and Its content

Abu Fella’ recorded previous success in raising funds to help refugees’

In October 2021, Hassan Suleiman succeeded in raising one million dollars in just 28 hours to help 5,000 poor refugee families. Many popular figures in the Arab world applauded his act and encouraged other famous YouTubers to follow Abu Fella steps

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On Friday, Hassan Suleiman has locked himself in a glass room in Dubai and declared that he will not leave the room until the donation amount is completed