“Amal” a 17-year-old Palestinian detainee who has been held by Israel for a year without charge or trial

In 2020 Israel had detained “Amal” the 17-year-old Palestinian minor who suffers from immune disease for a year without charge or trial

On Monday, a hearing session is to be held in Amal’s case in which an Israeli judge may decide to renew the “administrative detention “Israeli law. This law allows the Jewish state to imprison people without charge for a renewable period reached six months.

His father stated ‘I’ve only seen him twice since his detention last year. The last time was this week, I’ve met him behind thick glass, I couldn’t touch him t.”

He added, “He told me that he wanted to go on a hunger strike, but this scared me because he is already ill.”

‘Amal ‘detention conditions in israel

In the mid of 2020,’ Amal ‘ was undergone surgery to remove a tumor from his rib cage

After recovering from the surgery, Amal went with his friends to the city of Rawabi in the central West Bank. According to his family, he was arrested on the way for the pretext of throwing stones at soldiers, which the family denies this charge

The Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet) did not respond to questions about the case, but states” we “suspect that Amal had participated in terrorist activity.”

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“We wrote several times (to the Israeli authorities), but we did not receive any information about the reasons behind Amal detention,” said Gwen Lewis, director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in the West Bank. It’s worth to mention that there are more than 450 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons under “administrative detentions.” Without charge