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UK Israel lobby launches smear campaign against Palestinian graduate student

Abusalama. Palestinian refugee records her family sufferings

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Shahd Abusalama, a Palestinian graduate student in a British university is facing a smear campaign led by the UK Israel lobby and Pro- Israeli activists after She was preparing to teach her first class on 21 January

Abusalama was recently hired as an associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in England, yet, the university received many complaints against her from Israel supporters and Israeli officials to suspend her from teaching

Shahd Abusalama has a longtime record of handling the Palestinian issue, especially Palestinian refugees in which she had undergone repeated attacks by pro-Israeli  activists and supporters

Her family was emigrated by the Israeli militias since the 1948 war. When the family wanted to return back their home, Israel rejected them because they are not Jewish

Abusalama, Palestinian refugee records her family sufferings

She states that the latest campaign against her had begun in December when “Jewish News” and the Israel lobby group accused her of fostering the hostility against the Jews

Abusalama has written about her suffering in the Gaza Strip, where she was born and grew up under Israeli occupation oppression and assaults

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Furthermore, she had also written about the terror of being separated from her family in Gaza while they were under Israeli bombardment during the 2014 war

Claims and accusations without an opportunity to defend

Shahd Abusalama states that the university had made up the decision to investigate her posts on social media and suspend her from teaching without giving her the opportunity to refute these accusations

According to Abusalama, the “Jewish Chronicle”, an anti-Palestinian publication had informed her that It planned to publish an article handling her new position as a lecturer in a British university

the “Jewish Chronicle” had chosen a list of her latest posts in social media to include It in the article, which means that there’s a clear intention to defame and  intimidate Abusalama

“Reputational damage caused by racist publications like those are more of a priority than the duty of care of their own community members,” she added.

“I’m not the first to be targeted and I won’t be the last,” she said.

It’s worth mentioning that David Miller, a professor at Bristol University, had faced a similar smear campaign the last year

Bristol University had fired him from his job after receiving accusations of anti-Jewish bigotry by Pro-Israeli groups and officials

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